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How do I Open a New Account?

Opening a new account with Posto Asset Management is fast and easy.

Contact us to arrange an initial consultation so we can explain our services and assess your risk tolerance. This is the most important step of the entire portfolio construction process. Our ability to assess your risk tolerance and goals is crucial to understanding how to apply the best approach to your personal portfolio. You can contact us in several ways:

>>Online Sign-up: If you don’t want to call or email you can simply fill out our contact form and someone will contact you shortly to schedule the initial consult.

>>Give us a Call: You can always reach us at 305-930-3890 if you’d prefer to expedite the process and get things started immediately. We are available from 8-6 EST Monday-Friday.

>>Send us an Email: You can always contact us via email at dan AT or by clicking here. Just send us any questions or the appropriate contact info and we will follow-up with you as quickly as we can.

If you already have an Interactive Brokers account you can simply designate us to become your wealth manager within the platform. 

Why Should I Invest With Posto Asset

We believe there are six primary reasons to consider Posto:

1.  We are truly different from the standard Wall Street financial management firm.  We charge a low fee under 1% of AUM which is below the industry average. We use outside-the-box thinking in all of our economic and portfolio modeling. We are a client-first, profits second business.

2.  Our approach is unique in that we personalize portfolios to account for the dynamic risk landscape of the adaptations in the business cycle in order to create parity between your perception of risk and the underlying risk of the financial markets. We call this countercyclical indexing because it helps to maintain the way you actually perceive risk with the portfolio’s underlying exposure to asset class risk. This allows us to adjust portfolios on a cyclical basis to account for the changing relative risks of different asset classes. This results in a high probability that your perception of risk will be aligned with the actual riskiness of your portfolio throughout the ups and downs of the business cycle.

3. We run sophisticated, but tax and fee efficient portfolios providing you with the confidence that an expert is optimizing every aspect of your money.  We do the heavy lifting and obsessing over your portfolio so you don’t have to.  This gives you the ability to focus on what you’re an expert in so you can rest easy knowing an expert is watching over your portfolio over the course of the changes in the business cycle.

4.  We treat your portfolio as though it is our own.  We align our risks with those of the client in a way that forces us to manage the assets as though they were our own.  Not to mention, we eat our own cooking so our personal assets are invested in the same types of strategies that we provide for clients.

5. We are human advisors customizing and organizing your financial life.  Vanguard has found that the value add of a human advisor is as much as 3% per year.¹ This is due to the fact that most retail investors don’t profile themselves correctly, pay high fees, fail to rebalance, don’t properly diversify, don’t withdraw funds efficiently, don’t tax minimize and succumb to a laundry list of behavioral biases. We help optimize every component of these potential inefficiencies.

Additionally, study after study has shown how biased investors are. We are not properly equipped to handle complex systems like financial markets. All of these biases leave us selling low, buying high, chasing performance, biased by recent history. Orcam’s approach is designed to alleviate this problem.  Not only is our approach extremely systematic, but the use of an outside advisor helps to reduce the risk of biased portfolio intervention. In many ways we act like a personal trainer for your portfolio. We help keep you on track, avoid succumbing to bad temptations and help you intelligently navigate the many tough decisions that our financial lives entail.

What Differentiates Your Approach?

1)  We have a very low asset management fee of under 1% depending on your account. Meanwhile, the average asset management fee in the investment industry is often times much higher.

2)  We understand the big picture like few do.  Our focus on the macro picture has helped us make countless accurate predictions over the years by focusing on understanding the complexities of the financial system at its operational level.  This helps us avoid many of the pitfalls and myths that hurt so many investors.

3)  We understand risk. We perceive risk as the potential that you won’t meet your financial goals.  And we customize that view to your goals and needs based on the understanding that portfolio risk is primarily derived from the risk of purchasing power loss and the risk of permanent loss. These risks are perceived in a dynamic nature by all investors and so portfolios must account for this dynamic risk environment. We apply our unique understanding of risk to client portfolios resulting in a form of diversification that is uniquely customized for our clients.

4)  We understand that the financial asset world is dynamic and cyclical.  Most asset allocation strategies rebalance portfolios back to some static allocation as the business cycle expands.  For instance, a 60/40 stock bond portfolio will tend to become unbalanced as equities outperform fixed income.  Traditional portfolio management says we should rebalance the portfolio on a nominal basis back to its prior original weighting. But this doesn’t account for the fact that, as equities rise, they tend to become more risky relative to bonds and other asset classes.  In other words, the portfolio risk changes during the business cycle as it is in the latter portion of the business cycle. To adjust for this, we weight portfolios on a cyclical basis to rebalance for risk. This approach helps to create parity between your actual risk profile and its exposure to asset classes at times in the business cycle. This helps us align our underlying portfolios with the way our clients actually perceive risk.

Are You a Fiduciary?

Yes, we adhere to a strict fiduciary standard. This means that we are always looking out for the best interests of our clients. Our transparent, liquid and third-party custodian arrangement leaves us independent of the conflicts of interest that plague so many other financial firms. We only utilize products that we ourselves would buy for our personal accounts and we have no ties to any third party that requires us to sell their products or benefit from the sale of those products. Our independence and conflict free approach allows us to better serve our clients by aligning the interests of our firm with those of the client.

Who Is the Portfolio Manager of my Account?

Dan Victor, CFA oversees all portfolio management decisions. A relationship with Posto Asset Management gives you direct personal access to his expertise.

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